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Bob Schlageter

Taxi Medallion Solutions remarkets and sells
repossessed taxi medallions,
helping lenders maximize their recovery from these distressed assets.

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Bob Schlageter is a well-know taxi industry expert who has spent the last four decades working with the financial side of taxi medallions.

Bob was featured in an article in Credit Union Times for his work with credit unions to help them mitigate their taxi medallion loan losses.  Bob is uniquely qualified to resell taxi medallions in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami, Boston, Cambridge and nationwide.

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Meet Robert Schlageter

Because of my 40+ years of experience in the taxi industry I am well connected with the system of taxi brokers in most major cities. When I get a medallion to sell, I determine what kind of medallion it is. In New York, for instance, there are different types of medallions and their values can range $50,000 either way. Now, knowing what I have to sell and what my target price is I then put the medallion out to bid to get the highest and best price.

In all cases, these medallions have run up unpaid fines and fees which can greatly detract from the lender’s net recovery. I have been successful in getting these fees reduced or paid entirely by the party who should have paid them.

Bottom line is I maximize selling price and minimize selling cost to get the highest recovery possible.

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